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    About Us

    Professional team
    We create only quality products
    Post-release support

    Mobile and Desktop app development team

    We are a passionate team of Flutter Developers that support Cross-platform development.

    Our main objective is to deeply understand our client’s problems & propose the best solution for them.

    Our Project Tackling Strategy:

    • Understanding the User Requirements
    • Deep Brainstorming with the team
    • Crafting Cool Design Prototypes
    • Development Implementation
    • Testing

    Why Choose us:

    • we designed and developed cool mobile and Desktop applications on Flutter
    • Work according to your requirements
    • Always keep in touch on time
    • Fast service 24/7
    • Testing the program on different screen resolutions of mobile devices, Web, Desktop
    • We will upload and moderation in Google Play and App Store stores and other stores
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    Our products

    Low Carb Rezept des Tage‪

    Аpplication "Low Carb Rezept des Tage‪s"

    Аpplication “Low Carb Rezept des Tage‪s”  is a cross-platform framework that uses only one code to build apps in Flutter for different devices. Apps programmed in …

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    Android application «Faces» 

    Android application «Faces» — is a social neural network app which allows you to communicate on the locations of the interlocutors as well as to check compatability …

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    CITI ZENS APP(Luchany)

    Applications “CITI ZENS APP(Luchany)” is a cross-platform framework that uses only one code to create applications in Flutter for different devices. Applications written in the Dart …

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    Skinrec – cosmetologist’s assistant

    “What is the most important thing for a cosmetologist? Satisfied customers and good results of procedures!Keep your results in one convenient app.Keep a record of customers, …

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    Android application «FacesType»

    Android application «FacesType» — Use custom face reading. There is so much good and secret in each of us, share it with relatives and society, perhaps …

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    LitWork is a mobile application

    LitWork is a mobile application designed to find a daily job or an hourly assistant. The purpose of the program is to simplify the process of …

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    Android application «Mixoft»

    Android application «Mixoft» is a neural network company in the fields of medicine, biometry and physical data.Our mission is to simplify communication between people. We strive …

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